You’ve cut the cord … now what?

A former television executive does the formerly-unthinkable…and never looks back


I cut my cable (in my case, satellite) TV cord over 5 years ago.  As a former television executive for 20+ years in Los Angeles, and a major TV fan, I never thought I could make it work.  And it did take a few years for enough streaming channels to emerge to satisfy me.  Plus, I had to move out of the Valley and to an area where I could get the local channels over the air with an antenna (which ended up being Missouri), and I had to wait for streaming to get fast enough to not annoy me with constant buffering.

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True Detective Finale…Finally

If clusterf*ck wasn’t already a word, it would have been invented for this show. It was a ridiculously self-indulgent piece of crap, parading as a trying-too-hard-to-be-film-noir-ish piece of crap.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.45.28 AM

But the best part about this hideous show was reading Josh Dickey’s hilarious recaps on Mashable. They made me feel not-so-stupid, at least.

Like everyone else, I had such high hopes for this show that I even convinced my neighbor and good friend to host True Detective dinner parties. She will never forgive me, or believe me again. But at least we had 8 good dinners. And the shootings, the whispering, the mumbling, the constant re-winding (“What did he say?”)…it’s all over now.

It’s safe to go back to television.


The Price is Right at CBS…




It’s fun to work in television!  Our annual Town Hall meeting this year was held on the set of “The Price is Right” — what a blast.  Arsenio Hall, whose late-night talk show will return next fall, entertained us for nearly an hour — he’s a funny guy.  At the end of the day, I walked away with the most valuable prize available — a job at  CBS!

Only in…Beverly Hills

The Story of a Bedazzled Skull Purse and a Real Housewife…

Because I live in Los Angeles, some of my doctors are superstars.  There’s a “No Paparazzi” sign in the parking lot of my ob/gyn (not kidding).  My annual trips to the rarified Hills of Beverly are always interesting, and sometimes noteworthy.  At the very least, I come away with fun photos of the window displays, which I process on my iPhone while I’m waiting, and share with my doctor(s).

Yesterday, as I was coming out of my optometrist’s office, I ran straight into stiletto heels, a skin-tight black dress (in the middle of the afternoon) and…Lisa Vanderpump, my favorite on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  BTW, she looked absolutely GORGEOUS in person! Teeny-tiny, perfect figure.  Because I’m old enough that I don’t have to be cool anymore, I said “Oh, I just saw you last night!” (on television; the new season just premiered).

Lisa:  “It was cute, right?  No big fights…really…for a change.”

Me: “It was fun!  I get a kick out of you girls.  And I love Giggy and your gorgeous husband.”

Lisa: “Thank you, dear!”

And she was gone.  Before I could even show her my photos of the bedazzled skull purse.

From Whaaat?? to WTF????

Last year’s American Horror Story eased into the weird, but American Horror Story: Asylum has gone straight from “What?” to “WTF???” in a bloody heartbeat.  It’s bloody, violent, crazy, and deliciously confusing.  Electro-shock therapy, exorcisms, alien abductions, mythical forest beasts, lipstick lesbians, lipstick scientists…I have no idea where it’s going, but the ride is going to be a scary blast!

Oooohhhh, Opie….


I LOVE FX’s “Sons of Anarchy”!  It’s such an exciting glimpse into a world I wouldn’t see any other way, which is what movies and television can do so well (when they will).  But it’s SO jarring when they do it really well, as SOA did last night.  It’s a reminder that this is a real world, not just television, and these things really happen in real life.  Characters you like don’t always get saved at the last minute by a compassionate writer; at least not on SOA.  I’ll miss Opie, but I’ll love Jax’s revenge (if only he’d thought to threaten the prison guard BEFORE the fight!).  Duh.

But the episode is really more of an indictment of our prison system.  Since most of SOA is BRUTALLY realistic, I can only believe that this sort of thing happens in prisons more often than anyone would care to believe.  And that’s appalling.  I never want to go to prison (in case you were wondering) — I think I’m scared straight.

I will miss “Damages”

Why does this always happens to smart, well-written dramas?  This should have gone on for years more.  I loved the torn-from-the-headlines stories and the amazing Glenn Close, plus all the guest actors over the years — Ted Danson, Ryan Phillippe, Tate Donovan, Victor Garber, Martin Short, Zjelko Ivanek, Michael Nouri, and more.  Even Rose Byrne’s ONE expression didn’t get in the way!  And Glenn’s Cruella de Ville impression as the final image was perfect!!!  Thank you, DirecTV, for the extra seasons.