Roadside Attractions – Klamath, California to Gold Beach, Oregon

75 miles
Gas $2.75/gallon (thank you, Oregon!)
Pacific Reef Inn, Gold Beach
$99/night + $20 pet fee
Oceanfront room with full ocean view and private patio

Before cruising out of Klamath (minus several $$$ left behind in the Redwood Casino), I cruised through town. Whenever I’m in redwood country I feel compelled to drive through a tree. It’s not PC, I know, but you kinda have to admire the business model, at least. All day long, Jewel at Tour Thru Tree (I think Drive-Thru Tree was already taken) sits there (or goes to the post office and leaves a note), collecting $5. And there can’t be much maintenance on a 785-year-old tree.

I think Panda thought it was one of those drive-through car washes. He doesn’t like those.

After Panda took a quick stroll with Bigfoot…

…we finally reached the Trees of Mystery. Greeted by a 44-foot tall Paul Bunyan, and Babe the Blue Ox, it’s hard to miss this classic roadside attraction. You can take a gondola ride up above the trees, but I’ve always had a dog with me, so I haven’t gotten to do that. Yet. It’s good to have something to look forward to.

I almost bypassed the Klamath River Overlook but made a last-minute exit from Highway 101, and I’m so glad I did (thanks, Trip Advisor). It’s interesting to me when rivers empty into the ocean (how far up does the saltwater go???). A 10-minute drive up a beautiful road ends at an overlook that lets you just look (which is amazing enough), or take various trails down to the beach.

River…meet Ocean… Ocean

Finally in Oregon!!! Guess how I knew…

Plus all the beautiful Viewpoints (in California, they call them Vista Points)…

Finally landed at the fabulous Pacific Reef Inn in Gold Beach, Oregon. What a great find! The room was huge, immaculate, and had a full view of the ocean plus a private patio. And Laurie at the front desk was super-nice and helped me book an extra night. And they’re super pet-friendly! It’s an unusual place with an outdoor movie amphitheatre (they show a wonderful film about the Oregon coastal attractions), a random totem pole, and easy access to a beautiful beach. They also own the Chowder House restaurant next door, so instead of a lame buffet breakfast you get a $10 credit for a nice hot breakfast.



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