Only in…Beverly Hills

The Story of a Bedazzled Skull Purse and a Real Housewife…

Because I live in Los Angeles, some of my doctors are superstars.  There’s a “No Paparazzi” sign in the parking lot of my ob/gyn (not kidding).  My annual trips to the rarified Hills of Beverly are always interesting, and sometimes noteworthy.  At the very least, I come away with fun photos of the window displays, which I process on my iPhone while I’m waiting, and share with my doctor(s).

Yesterday, as I was coming out of my optometrist’s office, I ran straight into stiletto heels, a skin-tight black dress (in the middle of the afternoon) and…Lisa Vanderpump, my favorite on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  BTW, she looked absolutely GORGEOUS in person! Teeny-tiny, perfect figure.  Because I’m old enough that I don’t have to be cool anymore, I said “Oh, I just saw you last night!” (on television; the new season just premiered).

Lisa:  “It was cute, right?  No big fights…really…for a change.”

Me: “It was fun!  I get a kick out of you girls.  And I love Giggy and your gorgeous husband.”

Lisa: “Thank you, dear!”

And she was gone.  Before I could even show her my photos of the bedazzled skull purse.


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