Gateway to imperfection…

My Home-as-Scrapbook philosophy makes me constantly re-invent displays and vignettes around the house. I’ve been hauling this old gate around for years, but finally found a wall for it in my new home office.


It has been so much fun pulling all my priceless treasures out of shoeboxes to display them. I’m using all kinds of things to connect them to the gate…binder clips, clothespins, S-hooks, a bracelet, and…vintage jewelry. Clip earrings are the most fun!

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The New Glamp = Glamorous Lamp!


I liked this cool industrial/vintage-look lamp just fine when I bought it from World Market. But since I added pearls…I LOVE IT!  I’d never wear pearls (sorry, pearly girls), but I add them to stuff around the house all the time.  The trick: Only buy them at garage sales. I didn’t pay more than $1/strand for these gems…(there are a couple of mis-matched earrings thrown in there, too)…


The fancy one in the center came from a roadside flea market in West Virginia.

Super-simple: Just drape them around the Edison bulb (only use a vintage-style bulb), and then wiggle the dome back on (because they’re pearls, they’ll roll). My kind of DIY (no work involved).