Oooohhhh, Opie….


I LOVE FX’s “Sons of Anarchy”!  It’s such an exciting glimpse into a world I wouldn’t see any other way, which is what movies and television can do so well (when they will).  But it’s SO jarring when they do it really well, as SOA did last night.  It’s a reminder that this is a real world, not just television, and these things really happen in real life.  Characters you like don’t always get saved at the last minute by a compassionate writer; at least not on SOA.  I’ll miss Opie, but I’ll love Jax’s revenge (if only he’d thought to threaten the prison guard BEFORE the fight!).  Duh.

But the episode is really more of an indictment of our prison system.  Since most of SOA is BRUTALLY realistic, I can only believe that this sort of thing happens in prisons more often than anyone would care to believe.  And that’s appalling.  I never want to go to prison (in case you were wondering) — I think I’m scared straight.


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