Road Trip – Dinosaurs, Crabs, and Another Lighthouse

Gold Beach to Bandon-by-the-Sea, Oregon,  55 miles

Another beautiful day on Highway 101…

Photo by Stephanie Roberts,


This one was a surprise. I automatically stop at all roadside attractions — just can’t resist the kitsch. But I didn’t expect an education. The gardens here are so well-maintained, and the information about the gardens and the dinosaurs is presented on friendly, easy-to-digest signs along the way. The most fun thing was to see the real size of dinosaurs in person (yep, they were huge).

Griff’s on the Dock

Amazing shrimp melt in a quaint crab shack on a dock in a working port. Actual seamen dine here (alright, I just wanted to say “seamen”) (but it’s true). Great local color!

2022 UPDATE:  Sadly, Griff’s on the Dock finally succombed to the power of the Pacific Ocean, fighting valiantly to the end.  But the owner’s other restaurant, The Dive, is equally fun and yummy, and nearby.


I never knew there were so many lighthouses on the west coast. I always think of New England when I think of lighthouses, but apparently ships on the west coast needed guidance as well. But the lighthouse isn’t the only reason to visit Cape Blanco State Park — the views from the top of lighthouse hill are breathtaking, both north and south.

Photo by Stephanie Roberts,
Looking south from the lighthouse

Photo by Stephanie Roberts,

Looking north from the lighthouse

The 1870 lighthouse is in perfect condition, and open for tours April – October, although you can’t go to the top of the lighthouse.



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