Day 5- Gold Beach, Oregon

Gold Beach is really all about the beach. Make sure you find a hotel with an oceanfront view and access (I loved the Pacific Reef Inn), and spend your time beachcombing and watching gorgeous sunsets.

The beach is littered with beautiful driftwood, but nothing else. There’s no trash anywhere, in spite of the fact that many driftwood “cabins” have been built, and doubtless house folks occasionally.

There are big, beautiful rocks on Gold Beach…in black, white, and mixed. I love the sound they make when the waves roll gently over them and they tumble back and forth, trying to decide between the beach and the sea.

Panda’s new Chinese friends laughed at his name, then decided it was perfect…

Photo by Stephanie Roberts,

But, as usual, Panda don’t care…

Photo by Stephanie Roberts,

Photo by Stephanie Roberts,


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