Sunset Strip: A Blast from the Past

Ed Ruscha and friends’ photographs of Sunset Blvd. from 1966 on are now an exhibit at the Getty Museum and an amazing interactive online map/timeline

This is so cool for anyone who’s driven down Sunset Blvd. in LA from the 1960’s on. It’s already documented in a book by artist and photographer Ed Ruscha, and now in an exhibit at the Getty Museum, but I think it’s really best experienced online, in an interactive timeline that lets you move down the street in a leisurely way that you can’t do when driving, and flip to the other side of the street or to another year with a click, and even choose the car you cruise in. It’s brilliant!

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Photo LA — Major Inspiration

Anytime you can see this many amazing photographers in one place….do it! It’s too late for Photo LA this year, but mark your calendars for next year. It’s so inspirational. Some trends I noticed — 1) lots of unconventional printing materials – metal, fabric, scraps of wood; 2) several artists displayed encaustic (beeswax) photos – I love this technique and can’t wait to learn it; 3) lots of cool digital collages and multi-media presentations.

My favorite section was the Emerging Focus Competition…

The Hills of Beverly…

Once a year I go to Beverly Hills for my optometrist appointment (shut up — I DO live a glamorous life), and I’m always reminded of how far away I am from Missouri. Last year my appointment was doubly surreal when I ran into Lisa Vanderpump from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” coming into the office as I was leaving. No RHOBH this year (unless you count walking through Kyle’s store) ($$$), but the town is entertaining enough.

Photo by Stephanie Roberts,

Day of the Dead – more fun in a cemetery than you ever thought possible…

In the shadow of the Hollywood sign, which overlooks from a nearby hilltop, Day of the Dead memorializes and celebrates the dead in one of the most unique settings possible…the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (yes, it’s a real place). A beautiful setting every other day of the year, this cemetery comes alive (pun intended) on Dia de Los Muertos, LA-style.