The Hills of Beverly…

Once a year I go to Beverly Hills for my optometrist appointment (shut up — I DO live a glamorous life), and I’m always reminded of how far away I am from Missouri. Last year my appointment was doubly surreal when I ran into Lisa Vanderpump from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” coming into the office as I was leaving. No RHOBH this year (unless you count walking through Kyle’s store) ($$$), but the town is entertaining enough.

Photo by Stephanie Roberts,

Day of the Dead – more fun in a cemetery than you ever thought possible…

In the shadow of the Hollywood sign, which overlooks from a nearby hilltop, Day of the Dead memorializes and celebrates the dead in one of the most unique settings possible…the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (yes, it’s a real place). A beautiful setting every other day of the year, this cemetery comes alive (pun intended) on Dia de Los Muertos, LA-style.


My Profound Post

Photo by Stephanie Roberts,

I’ve been paralyzed since the New Year started. I wanted to make my first post of the year profound, pithy….important. Then I decided…screw it! It’s January…it’s 72 degrees…I have a job — that’s enough to celebrate!!! Here are some iPhone photos I took at lunchtime a couple of days ago, in a stroll around Santa Monica…

Wishing you all a happy and sunny New Year!



Photos by Stephanie Roberts,




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