Instant Shelves (just add junk)


The first thing I need to do here is admit that I don’t cook. I basically just use my kitchen to display my retro kitchen collection. So as long as the microwave and freezer are working, I’m happy.

So removing the cabinet doors was an easy solution for me. It was super-easy to unscrew the hinges and pull off the doors – and it didn’t leave anything behind but some small screw holes (easy to fill with white putty). I didn’t have enough shelves, so I went to Lowe’s and bought their laminate closet shelving and asked them to cut it to the desired length. They will happily make cuts for you at no extra charge when you buy the wood or shelves there.

TIP: Make sure you keep the cabinet doors in case you move and the people you sell to actually want to use the kitchen in a traditional way.

Easy, peasy.



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