Turn Left and Follow the Teepees


I found this really cool old Hay Sales & Feed/ Welding Shop by accident, which I love. It’s SO much fun to turn a corner and discover a really crusty old neon sign that you didn’t expect, or a horse on top of a teepee. This place is in Joseph City, Arizona. When you get off I-40 for a run along Old Route 66 in Joseph City, all of the guidebooks tell you to cross the freeway and turn right. But I had glimpsed a teepee from the freeway and turned left in pursuit (I always follow teepees)…

And I was rewarded with this cool old building with tons of personality…an awesome sign, a teepee, a riderless horse on top of the teepee, and an effeminate gunslinger on the balcony. It’s not currently in business, but not completely abandoned — there was an occupied house on the property.

A few years ago I was visiting my friend Debbie in Utah, and we were cruising down the gorgeous Highway 89, from Provo to Bryce Canyon. We hadn’t been on the road too long when we saw a generic TURN LEFT HERE sign. When we turned left we found a really cool local museum with rusty old stuff out front. The guy mowing the place told us about an old abandoned mill just “down the road a piece” and it turned out to be FABULOUS! I got some amazing photos and TURN LEFT became our mantra for the trip. And for all my road trips since.




I promise you won’t regret it.

Photo by Stephanie Roberts, http://ObsessiveHobbyist.com



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