Everybody Loves A Road Trip

I’m using Roadtrippers, too. It’s a great hybrid of trip reviews and maps, despite a few hurdles. There’s a little learning curve (hint: add stuff not on the map to your bucket list, then add to your trip), but it’s fairly easy to get started. It includes LOTS of fun, quirky roadside attractions. I just wish it had calendar/date functionality so it could generate a complete itinerary.

–obsessive hobbyist

Travel Between The Pages


Well, almost everybody loves a road trip, in fact in the U.S. at least 80% of travel and tourism is by motor vehicle. A newly launched website/app called Roadtrippers is designed to help travelers plan road trips while eschewing generic chains and mundane attractions. Like a hybrid between Yelp and Mapquest, Roadtrippers combines mapping, travel guides, and gps functionality into a single simple and intuitive interface that syncs across web and mobile platforms. It offers a wide selection of places to stay, food choices and cultural attractions for vehicle-based travelers. Plan a route, explore sightseeing options, flag pit stops, find entertainment and custom itineraries. And, it’s all free.


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