“Sleep in a Teepee”


The famous Wigwam Motel on Route 66 in Rialto, California, which asks the universal question, “Have you slept in a teepee lately?”

It’s exactly what I’m hoping to do when I take off for my West to East Route 66 pilgrimage next week!  Join the Journey by following me here — I’ll post daily photos and all the adventures Colby the Wonder Dog and I run into in my Lil Red Prius.

Rialto, California, http://wigwammotel.com/ 

Each of the Wigwam Motels (only 2 of the original 7 remain) is independently owned, and this one in Rialto is immaculately maintained and pristine.  The grounds are beautiful, with some interesting historic displays — signs, old cars.  The teepees are necessarily small, but surprisingly not claustrophobic.  Anyway, you’ll want to throw open your door and join the community of other teepee travellers for the evening. When we were visiting, it was almost sunset when we arrived and there were kids on skateboards out in the parking lot and running around the grounds, just like a cul-de-sac!  The small motel lobby/gift shop has fun Route 66 memorabilia and books for sale.  It was completely charming.


5 thoughts on ““Sleep in a Teepee”

  1. cindynunn says:

    WOW! My parents and my sister stayed here in 1957 when they moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles 🙂 Somewhere I have a photo of it. Enjoying reading about your travels.


    • obsessive hobbyist says:

      Wow – that’s so cool! I feel like that’s what Route 66 is all about — great memories, past and future. Thanks for stopping by, Cindy, and thanks for the note about Randsburg on your blog — Old West Days sounds like a blast, especially in that unique setting. I will definitely try to make it!


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