My Profound Post

Photo by Stephanie Roberts,

I’ve been paralyzed since the New Year started. I wanted to make my first post of the year profound, pithy….important. Then I decided…screw it! It’s January…it’s 72 degrees…I have a job — that’s enough to celebrate!!! Here are some iPhone photos I took at lunchtime a couple of days ago, in a stroll around Santa Monica…

Wishing you all a happy and sunny New Year!



Photos by Stephanie Roberts,




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Some mornings you’re rewarded for getting up early…

Photo by Stephanie Roberts,

Photo by Stephanie Roberts,

I love the Urban Country movement, where planned communities are oases of greenbelts, man-made lakes, and planned “wilderness.” I live in such a community in Southern California, and this is my morning walk. If you didn’t know it was just miles from the metropolis of Los Angeles, you’d think this is a country lane. When I first moved here 13 years ago there was a white fence along the sides of the road and I used to pretend that I was on my ranch, driving up to the majestic ranch house (ala South Fork), or stopping by the bunkhouse (but that’s another story).