Photo by Stephanie Roberts, http://ObsessiveHobbyist.com“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’€™t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor…




— Mark Twain

Photo by Stephanie Roberts, http://ObsessiveHobbyist.com


Meet the Mural Mice…

While I was taking a photo of a cool old motel sign in Flagstaff, a guy on a buckskin-fringed bicycle rode up and asked me what I was doing. It’s one of the things I love about a camera…people always want to know why you’re taking a photo of whatever it’s aimed at. Sometimes they’re baffled by your interest in a commonplace sign, but mostly they’re flattered that you’re interested in something they’re interested in. That’s why artist R.E. Wall (he likes to be called R) stopped. He and Mural Mice partner Margaret Dewar (Maggie) were working on a Route 66 mural on a building across the street, and he gave me some interesting info about the area.

I didn’t know, for example, that Phoenix Avenue, where we were standing, was the original alignment for Route 66. And when it was moved a block away, to its current location, business owners on Phoenix were offered, as compensation, tall signs that could be seen from the new highway. A couple of those tall signs have survived and can, indeed, be seen from Route 66…

After years of spearheading the mural projects in Prescott, Arizona, the talented Mural Mice have been commissioned by the city of Flagstaff to create a mural of Arizona’s Route 66 attractions. They’re well into it, and should be finished by the end of the summer. Although they normally like to do community art projects, where anyone can contribute to the art, this project has more specific goals, and they’ve carefully researched their subjects. Something to look for in the finished product:  Ruby, the dog, makes an appearance in all of their works!


Route 66 – Santa Monica Pier

Photo by Stephanie Roberts, http://ObsessiveHobbyist.comPhoto by Stephanie Roberts, http://ObsessiveHobbyist.com

There’s SO much Route 66 history in Los Angeles, including the end of the trail — actually, there are 3 different Route 66 endings, but the Santa Monica Pier is the most fun.

My Route 66 explorations in California & Arizona are what has inspired the West to East journey I’m taking this month. Join the Journey at http://ObsessiveHobbyist.com.

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Ice Cold Drinks…

Photo by Stephanie Roberts, http://ObsessiveHobbyist.comPhoto by Stephanie Roberts, http://ObsessiveHobbyist.com

I’m sure to need some of those when I take off next week on my Route 66 SUMMER cruise! This photo is from a trip last year to Amboy, California, home of the iconic (isn’t everything on Route 66 iconic??) Roy’s Cafe & Motel. (& Gas).

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