They don’t make statues like they used to…

These lovely statues are perched atop the buildings in the public square in Trieste, Italy. This beautiful coastal town sits on the Adiatic Sea between Italy and Slovenia. It’s a well-kept secret that’s just a quick train ride from Venice — a perfect day trip!


It would be hard to NOT fall in love here…

Burano, Italy -- Photo by Stephanie Roberts,

Photo by Stephanie Roberts,

Burano is a colorful island in the Venice Lagoon. It’s about a 30-minute boat ride from Venice and it’s a gorgeous tour of the island from the water. The day I visited, there was a regatta (lucky!), so the boat dropped us off at the stop before the main dock, and we had to walk a short distance along this gorgeous path. It was Sunday, and I suspect this adorable couple had been to church and were out strolling.