Spooky Butte

I arrived in Butte, Montana on Halloween and it didn’t take long to figure out that Butte is a party town! I’ve never seen so many stores and houses decorated for Halloween, and there were at least a dozen options for adult entertainment that night…a really scary haunted “house” in a 100+-year-old mine shaft, a masquerade ball in a mansion that belonged to one of Butte’s founding families, and, of course, “Rocky Horror Picture Show” at the local (but equally old and historic) theatre. I’m just glad I didn’t see this store window until the day AFTER Halloween. (One of the most awesome mannequins EVER)…

Photo by Stephanie Roberts, ObsessiveHobbyist.com

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Ghost Signs (who you gonna call?)

It seemed wonderfully appropriate to arrive in Butte, Montana on Halloween, since I sought out this historic mining town for its architecture and, especially, for its many ghost signs. Ghost signs are painted billboards on the sides of decades-old buildings and, like decades-old people, some have survived better than others. There’s a conscious effort in Butte (and in Port Townsend, Washington and Eureka Springs, Arkansas) to preserve these artistic beauties as time capsules from the past. Nearly 100 of them survive in Butte, in varying conditions. A few of my favorites —

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