I’m a midwestern gal from Missouri who landed in Los Angeles in the 80’s (woohoo!).  After 33 years in LA, I threw my dog and my camera in the car and traveled Route 66 and America for 3 blissful months, then moved to Pebble Beach, California (yes, there are houses there) and happily explored the central California coast with Panda-Dog (he raps under the name P-doggie), an Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog rescue who challenges me every day and makes me laugh every day. Who rescued who? That’s what I call a Turn-Left year.

AND NOW…I’m doing it again. I’ve quit a perfectly respectable job in a beautiful coastal California town, and am moving BACK TO MISSOURI to be closer to my family. But first…a road trip!!! Carmel to Seattle via Highway 1, then…???  Taking pictures, taking names, and taking my time.

Obsessing about photography, television, tech, dogs, anything vintage, travel, and road trips. Not always in that order.

HOBBYIST by definition.
OBSESSIVE by choice.


the future…

adventure awaits

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