Glass Beach … It’s Real!

I finally made it to Glass Beach, after years of hearing about this magical sea glass destination. And one of the first pieces I found is this nearly-perfect sea glass heart. I’m not even kidding.



The beach was smaller than I expected, and quite unspectacular from the bluff above, but it did not disappoint. It was covered in sea glass, although apparently over the years the quantity and variety has diminished. At least now it’s protected from beachcombers – by law, and by a closed staircase. So you have to do a little rock-scrambling to get there, but it’s worth it. [UPDATE: The staircase is now open, but the glass is greatly diminished, sadly]

And it’s all because a bunch of idiots dumped trash in the ocean years ago. That’s what nature does with our trash – reclaims it, and recycles it into little treasures.


All that history…just laying there…

and yes, I left my heart on glass beach…



Just north of Mendocino in Fort Bragg, California, on Highway 1


4 thoughts on “Glass Beach … It’s Real!

  1. Tim and Joanne Joseph says:

    I am hoping to get to see glass beach myself in a couple weeks. Certainly enjoyed seeing your wonderful pictures. Question – is there a good path down to the beach or is it difficult to get to? Your write up made me question if someone not in tip top condition would be able to get down to the beach for close up pictures. Thanks for sharing.


    • obsessive hobbyist says:

      Oh, how exciting! I can’t wait to go again. It’s really not far from the parking lot on Glass Beach Drive — follow the path, turn left at the ocean and it’s on your right. And I’m a middle-aged woman so I think you can find a way down fairly easily. – I did it all by myself. I was there a couple of months ago and the staircase was closed, but it might be open by now. Enjoy!!!


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